First Post

Here goes nuthin.

I eat a lot, and purchase stuff here and there. I also happen to be one of those people who tend to google just about everything before buying something, so why not blog about my own purchases? It would be nice to be able to give feedback for others to read so that they can hear another opinion about an item they wish they buy or a resto they want to try out, a gadget they’ve been eyeing. I’m often asked ‘how was/is it’ on my personal accounts anyway (and actually enjoy giving feedback as well.)

Whenever googling for something, five or more reviews or feedback about a certain product is always better (and no reviews is a kind of ‘don’t buy’ red flag sort of thing–if no one is raving about it, it probably won’t be very good.) So from here on out, I’ll try to write about a few of my favorite things, or not-so-favorite, if it happens to fall into that category and hopefully that will help fellow consumers in their decision to buy or not to buy.

I’ve long wanted to do this, so I’m starting now because now is as good a time as any. Or at least better than never.

Also because I currently have in my possession, the Heroine Make Impact Frame Mascara, M. Chue Kiss Me Lip Balm and lip color that I can review to start things off (but they’ll be getting their own posts.)

Okay, ciao for now.

Next up..

Next up..


2 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I can’t wait to read more from you 🙂 I love that you’ll include negative feedbacks and reviews as well, it is always so helpful to know why some products don’t make the cut.


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