M.Chue Kiss Me Lip Balm and Lip Color

So, I want lips like these:


Full at just the right amount and fresh looking. Unfortunately, even if mine are kind of full-looking, it has dark edges (like I had violet-liner on while the middle parts are pink, like wtf right?) and it looks rather odd. Obviously I wanted that evened out. Being the heavy instagram-shopper that I am, I saw an ad one day about a lip lightening balm named M.Chue Kiss Me Lip Balm that promises to restore dark lips into a youthful pink tone. This was one of those purchases that I took a chance on even if I couldn’t find much reviews about it on the internet. It was only 100 php at Flawlesspapaya, so why not? I purchased the M.Chue Kiss Me Lip Color along with it because I read a review on it saying that it looks natural, like you don’t have lipstick on. If you get it as a  set, it also comes with the lip scrub but  I opted out of that because I’m kind of lazy with maintenance products like scrubs or the like.

So I tried it out for a few weeks.

Before and without any sort of product on my lips:


The balm comes in a jewel-looking pot and the consistency is like most lip balms in a pot, though this has a more compact wax-like texture that goes on smooth and is absorbed well by the lips. It feels like vaseline once on the lips (and well, IT DOES have vaseline in it as part of the ingredients but does not have the same consistency in the pot.) It doesn’t just sit on the lips, it is absorbed by it, which is great.


It has a numbing feeling once you put it on which might be alarming for some people who have no experience with lip plumpers. I am guessing this is due to the vitamin b3 content that it has–and that some lip plumping product also have. The ‘numb’ feeling wears off after about 5 mins or so (again, like most lip plumpers.) This is an important fact to discuss, I feel, as a warning to those with sensitive and easily irritated lips. So for those with sensitive/easily irritated lips or those who are allergy-prone, keep that in mind before purchasing this lip balm.

So far,  after 3 days of using it, I haven’t seen any remarkable lightening effect, but it does make my lips look less wrinkled, makes it look smooth and the dark edges look evened out whenever I have this on.

After, with M.Chue lip balm on my lips:



The M.Chue lip color also feels like more of a lip balm than a lipstick (as it seems to claim to be.) To me lip color implies  lipstick but I’d describe M.Chue lip color more as a tinted balm than an actual lip color/lipstick product. That doesn’t mean that I feel shortchanged, in fact I love it. I have mentioned a couple of times before that I like natural makeup and this tinted balm makes my lips look naturally pink. It also has a semi matte texture once applied which I also love. It also comes in red and orange, but I haven’t tried those yet. I gravitate towards pinks more.



Swatched on my hand

My camera is shoddy, but here is an indoor pic of the balm on my lips..it looks nicer and less neon pink in real life I swear :|

My camera is shoddy, but here is an indoor pic of the balm on my lips..it looks nicer and less neon pink in real life I swear 😐

Outdoor lighting with M.chue lip color on.

Outdoor lighting with M.chue lip color on.


M.Chue Whitening Lip Balm


-comes in a handy, cute jewel-like packaging

-plumps lips to a degree

-lightens lips? (Well it certainly didn’t make my lips darker but I haven’t seen my lips completely even out in color yet, maybe after a few more weeks?)


-‘Numbing effect’ when you put on three swipes, which personally I don’t like (but some might, as I’ve seen some girls cite Duwop Lip Venom lip plumpers numbing effect as something positive.)

-Not available in drugstores/supermarkets. M.Chue is a Thai company, but I have seen a couple of instagram shops carry M.Chue products.


3/5 for now

M.Chue Lip color



-the ‘lolita pink’ color that I bought is a nice pink shade for me, not too opaque, looks semi-matte and natural 🙂

-leaves my lips feeling soft

-doesn’t have that numbing effect

-said to also have a lip lightening effect although I don’t know if it does that job as I’m also using the lip balm right now.


-Not available in drugstores/supermarkets.



Would I repurchase?

I already repurchased the M.Chue Lip color just yesterday, so that’s a yes lol, as for the balm, we’ll see.


Skala Professional Oleo de Coco Review


My tub of Skala Professional Oleo de Coco, ordered I think about a week ago.

I know I said I’d review M.Chue Lipbalm and Lip color first but I thought I’d review Skala Hair Treatment before those because my hair looks nice today thanks to Skala lol.

I discovered Skala via instagram after following DIY Beautyshop. I kept seeing raves from their customers for a while and decided that I want to test the product for myself. Like I’ve stated before, if a product gets a lot of good reviews, especially when there’s picture-proof, I get curious and usually end up getting that product (granted that it’s in my interest of course.)

I’m a big fan of great hair (who isn’t?)–but what i’m not a fan of is shelling out money every week or month to get salon treatment, and according to the claims of happy customers, with Skala, you don’t have to. Skala will give you salon-treated looking hair. Alrighty then. I ordered after a few months of reading great reviews on DIYbeauty shop and finally tested it out for myself.

I also put it on one of the greatest road-test you can put it on, which was restoring bleached hair.

I got the Oleo de Coco variant (they have several; Ceramides, Keratina..etc) because from what the other customers say, after using it their hair looked like they had rebonded hair (and were even asked by other people if they got their hair rebonded.)

Anyway, after I bleached my hair, I used Skala Oleo de Coco on my hair for two consecutive days and again after two days (I went somewhere and couldn’t bring the GIGANTIC TUB with me. It’s huge man! I didn’t expect it when I ordered the product.)

I didn’t see any effect expect for softness for two days but after the third use, whoa. Hello softness and my frizz from bleaching calmed down considerably. Needless to say I was satisfied with the result. It doesn’t look like my hair was rebonded BUT it does look like I got one of those expensive Brazilian hair treatments offered at most salons these days — which is good enough considering how brutal bleaching can be on the hair. Now I don’t have to wait months for my hair to rebound from bleaching 😀

Here are the not so greatly taken photos (lol :() of Skala-treated hair


Bleached 3 days ago, and after 3 washes, this is the result. Sorry I don’t have pre-Skala pictures of my hair.


Looks decently flat/frizz-free for bleached hair right?


My hair looks darker in these photos thanks to my iffy camera lol. Also I didn’t comb my hair…because I really generally don’t use combs, just fingers.

-Uhhhmmm soft and smooth hair duh! 😀
-better hair in a matter of days (which, hopefully will get all the better after a week, a month? :D)

-Huge ass tub means great hair for up to maybe a month (according to others, their tub lasted them 2 months with everyday use.) The tub is 1000 grams in weight.
-Not available at your local supermarket. So far DIY Beautyshop is the only place that I know sells them. I think it’s originally from Brazil.

-You have to leave the product on for 3 mins before rinsing–WHICH isn’t too bad considering there are 5 or even 30 minute treatments so Skala’s 3 min-rule is actually not that bad (only if you don’t have the luxury of 3 mins which understandably some people don’t have especially when running late in the morning.)



Would I purchase again?

Yes. I’m sill waiting to see what its effects are on my hair after like a month or so though 🙂