Heroine Make Impact Frame Mascara Review

I’ve always been a fan of natural looking makeup and one of the things I noticed on girls that have their natural makeup-game on point is that they have wonderfully striking eyes thanks to beautiful long and thick lashes. Obviously not all of us have that, but thank god for good mascara.


Lash goals.

The thing about great and effective makeup is that they can be pretty expensive. I honestly cannot afford MAC or any of the pricier brands that make wonderful makeup but sometimes, you’ll get lucky and there exists cheaper but not necessarily less effective alternatives and Heroine Make is, as I’ve discovered one of those few companies that make outstanding makeup that also happens to be more affordable.

I initially wanted to get the much-raved about Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara but when I got to the store, the sales lady shifted my attention to the Impact Frame one because it promises not only to make your lashes longer but also give it more volume. She said she was wearing it and man did it look like she had falsies on so I went on ahead and got Impact Frame instead. (I still want to try Make Long and curl though.)

Heroine Make Impact Frame Mascara

Heroine Make Impact Frame Mascara


For the Philippine version, the back of the packaging has a translation of the Japanese instructions of how to apply the mascara as well as the general description of the product.

The tube

The tube


Heroine Make Impact Frame mascara has a special kind of brush where you’re supposed to use the comb-back first to volumize and then the separator-side to lengthen lashes.

When I tested it out for myself, it didn’t disappoint. It volumized my lashes and made them long indeed (not that mine are short, they’re actually long but down-turned o_o) not to mention hold the curl up for several hours. I put mine on at 3pm and by 12 mn the curl is still there.

Here are pictures and they don’t do justice to what the mascara actually looks like in person. It’s so much more ‘out there’ in person lol. A friend who shopped with me who had virtually no lashes tried them and it was like she instantly grew lashes. Sorry I don’t have a good camera to photograph with but anyway. Pics, I didn’t put anything on my eyes except the mascara.


My eye without the mascara. I have long-ish lashes but they are always pointing downwards 😦


Left eye has mascara (one-coat.) The right one doesn’t. I rubbed the excess product thoroughly off the brush before application.


Both eyes with Heroine Make Impact Frame mascara.


Two coats on both eyes.


-volumizes and lengthens lashes

-holds up the curl for hours, long lasting

-smudge-proof (So I actually tried rubbing my eyes while wearing the mascara, nothing happened lol o_o)

-cry-proof (Ok I haven’t actually cried in this lol but I did wet my eyes and nothing happened to it. It didn’t budge one bit.)


-Hooooly crap is this thing HARD to remove (which is why i’ll probably getting Heroine Make’s mascara remover next as well. I literally had to rub sunflower oil on my lashes like I was shampooing them to get the product off.)

-Brush gathers too much product (so watch out for that and rub off some of it at the rim.) Before I took the photos I brushed off a lot of product first because I don’t like clumpy mascara.

-Can look clumpy if you don’t apply properly/ remove excess product before application.



Would I repurchase? 

Absolutely. And again, I also still want to try the Long and Curl mascara to compare and contrast with this one.


First Post

Here goes nuthin.

I eat a lot, and purchase stuff here and there. I also happen to be one of those people who tend to google just about everything before buying something, so why not blog about my own purchases? It would be nice to be able to give feedback for others to read so that they can hear another opinion about an item they wish they buy or a resto they want to try out, a gadget they’ve been eyeing. I’m often asked ‘how was/is it’ on my personal accounts anyway (and actually enjoy giving feedback as well.)

Whenever googling for something, five or more reviews or feedback about a certain product is always better (and no reviews is a kind of ‘don’t buy’ red flag sort of thing–if no one is raving about it, it probably won’t be very good.) So from here on out, I’ll try to write about a few of my favorite things, or not-so-favorite, if it happens to fall into that category and hopefully that will help fellow consumers in their decision to buy or not to buy.

I’ve long wanted to do this, so I’m starting now because now is as good a time as any. Or at least better than never.

Also because I currently have in my possession, the Heroine Make Impact Frame Mascara, M. Chue Kiss Me Lip Balm and lip color that I can review to start things off (but they’ll be getting their own posts.)

Okay, ciao for now.

Next up..

Next up..